und Sensopathie von Roland Pausch
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Eine sehr gute und vor allem wichtige Beschreibung!
Man kann die Lage des Schwerpunkts durch Konzentration der viszeralen Masse verändern.
Somit wird das gesamte Gewicht der viszeralen Masse, die normalerweise im Normalzustand verteilt ist, in jede Bewegung investiert.

Die viszerale Masse ist der schwerste Teil des menschlichen Körpers.

The Mobility of the Center of Gravity – A common illusion.

A very common illusion, even in vulgarized biomechanics, consists in thinking that the closer you go to the ground by bending your legs, sitting or lying, the lower your center of gravity.
It may sound counter-intuitive but actually, this is the exact opposite that is happening : the closer you get to the ground, the higher the location of CG in/on your body. Even when you are lying on the ground your CG location is higher than when standing.

Actually, when you bend your legs, the center of gravity often goes down in relation with the environment, but its location always goes up in / on your body. And with repetition over time it prints your all morphology, modifying muscles length, visceral mass and organs disposition regarding gravity. The more you spend time legs bended by training for instance, the higher your stance is in daily life.

So it is a common illusion to think that training (MA..) consists in being able to easily put your center of gravity as lower as possible. Finally this is the exact opposite. All the body adaptations from training consists in upping the center of gravity location on your body. It is then necessary to low it by resting.

Stillness training is the fastest way to move the location of the CG, To modify by will the disposition of visceral mass and internal organs.
This is the very meaning of what is call “INTERNAL”.

Adult human has the lowest center of gravity of all animals on earth.

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